ERRA founded to drive electric motorcycle racing forwards
  • The Electric Road Racing Association (ERRA) has been formed by universities and private race teams who are shaping the future of road racing.
  • ERRA believes clean, electric motorsport is the future. Their EV-specific regulations, built from the ground up, prioritise safe, sustainable racing.
  • ERRA has created a community for electric motorcycle racing, and aims to provide support and advice through its membership program for anyone wishing to get involved in the sport.
  • ERRA’s long term goal is to create its own electric race series, with the goal of bringing electric motorcycle racing into the mainstream.

Following the moratorium placed on the TT Zero, university and privateer teams have joined forces to create ERRA. A number of founding teams including Bath Zero, Warwick Moto, Duffy Motorsport, Electric Superbike Twente, ENRG Motorsport, and Holt Racing. worked to produce the ERRA electric racing safety regulations, which aims to set a standard in 2 wheeled EV motorsport both in terms of safety and environmental sustainability. The full regulations can be found on the ERRA website.

This embodies ERRA’s core commitment to green mobility and sustainability. As champions of electric technology, ERRA will aim for carbon neutral events, not only by racing zero carbon emissions vehicles, but also ensuring charging infrastructure and other ancillary activities are as close to carbon neutral as is practically possible.

ERRA has also created a community where new electric race teams and individuals looking to enter the sport can find support and guidance.

ERRA’s long term goal is to grow the events in size and class number each year, establishing 4 classes with 20+ competitors over 10 annual events by 2025. The aim is to include classes for modified standard bikes right through to custom prototypes. There are currently no events in which these types of machines can compete. The goal behind ERRA’s class divisions is to lower the barrier to entry for grassroots electric motorsport, but also encourage innovation from universities and manufacturers within the electric space.

To find out more about ERRA, please look at our contact details below. To become a member, join us here for updates.