Electric Road Racing Association

ERRA is an electric motorcycle racing association formed by a number of University and privateer teams to take electric motorcycle racing to the next level.

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The mission of ERRA is to champion electric motorcycle racing and raise the profile and number of events and competitions featuring electric powered machines. Creating standard classes for electric bikes to race on their own or with combustion bikes is one of the goals of the association. The logistics, safety, regulatory and planning aspects are all essential to get right, not just to allow our sport to continue but enable it to grow as more and more racers want an electric ride.

We were founded in 2020 by a number of electric motorcycle teams from the UK and the Netherlands, all with the same goal: to go racing! The association represents the interests of all teams.

If you already have or are considering building or purchasing an electric racing motorcycle we encourage you to join us. There are plenty of opportunities to collaborate, the technicalities of designing and building a competition capable electric bike. We will be be working hard to secure as many race meetings throughout upcoming seasons as possible, for as many bikes as possible.

In the near future we hope to work with governing bodies to codify a standard set of technical rules and construction guidelines for electric motorcycles to ensure safety and consistency. This will be published in the rules section of this website.



ERRA Standard Technical Regulations

Currently under development.


Sample Supplementary Electric Regulations

Currently under development.


Electrical Safety and Scrutineering Guidance and Procedures

Currently under development.


Engineering Case Study

Currently under development.


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